End-User License Agreement (EULA)

Hello, you probably purchased a Font of ours so therefore this End User License Agreement (EULA) is a legal agreement between you, the Purchaser and/or License Owner, and Bleifrei Type (hereafter BT). By purchasing, downloading, installing, or using the Font Software (hereafter Fonts) you accept the terms of this agreement. By accepting these terms, you acknowledge your understanding of the agreement and agree to comply with its terms.


In fairness to the type designer acquiring a License does not involve the design‘s copyright or any other aspect of the Fonts, except for the non-exclusive, non-transferable permission to utilize the Fonts within the specific use cases outlined below. BT retains full ownership over all intellectual property rights and the copyright lies with the Fonts’ original designer.



Includes all uses for printed applications.

-> For example for a Flyer, Book or Poster.


Includes all uses for digital applications.

-> For example for your Website, App, Video or Social Media Posts.


Includes all uses for both printed and digital applications.

-> You can use the Fonts for everything.


BT Font trials are very happily given for the purpose of trying out Fonts and getting a feel for them. Once you are happy and the Fonts are used in a published product, the appropriate License must be purchased. Any commercial use without a License is illegal.


Students with a valid student ID have free access to all BT Fonts. Students are allowed to use the Fonts for personal projects, school work or for testing applications and having fun. As soon as a font is used for commercial work, (you guessed it) students, respectively their clients have to pay for an appropriate License. Then the guidelines described above apply.


The License Owner is either the designer, who is realizing a self-initiated project for themselves, or the company for whom a design project with our typeface is being created. A bit complicated, right? Here are two usage examples:

You are a designer or a design agency and you create your own project with our Fonts.

-> You are the License Owner and you and your company size are relevant.

You’re designing a project for a client with our fonts.

-> The License Owner is the client and their company size is relevant. You as the designer are allowed to use the font for this project.


According to the principle of “Big Fish Small Fish”, company size determines the price of the fonts. Small companies get affordable prices. Bigger companies pay for their expanded reach.


In the unfortunate event of any negative or burdensome circumstances, such as a lawsuit or injury, that impact us or the utilization of the fonts we mutually agree that we shall not be held accountable, even if the damage is caused by us or the fonts we provide. Should any authorized entity, such as a judge or court determine our liability, it will never exceed the amount equivalent to the License fee we received. Our fonts undergo thorough testing, but we cannot guarantee flawless compatibility with all technologies. We’d love to avoid disputes and settle them peacefully. Therefore, if you encounter any issues, please feel free to contact us via email at info@bleifreitype.ch.


Are you a Bleifrei-Child (as we say in Switzerland)? We are thrilled when you create remarkable projects using our fonts, and we take great pleasure in showcasing them to the world. Consequently, we may share these creations on social media platforms, display them on our website, include them in books, magazines, lectures and allow third parties to do the same.


✗ Just to be clear; here are some things you are not allowed to do with our Fonts…

✗ Use the Fonts in a political or religious context that does not tolerate other opinions peacefully and respectfully

✗ Use the Fonts to promote violence, discrimination or other forms of hate

✗ Convert the Fonts to different file formats

✗ Modify, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble Fonts

✗ Embed the Fonts in a way that end users can access them

✗ Give the Fonts to anyone without a copy of this EULA

✗ Put the fonts on public servers


We retain the right to prevent the use of our Fonts in political and religious contexts, as well as in case of ideological conflicts with the Fonts’ type designer. In unclear cases you can contact us beforehand.

Swiss law applies and any legal proceedings or disputes will take place in Bern, Switzerland.

Neither the “United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods” nor the “United Nations Convention on the Law applicable to International Sales of Goods” apply to this EULA.

If there is anything you may not understand or want to discuss, please get in touch with us at info@bleifreitype.ch. With all the legal stuff out of the way: Have fun with our Fonts and thanks for supporting and purchasing our Fonts.

Version 1.0, 2023, Gspon
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